Alexane Sanchez / Série "Parade" (2)

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Acrylic on paper, 55x73cm, 2020
By Alexane Sanchez

Alexane Sanchez was born in France 1997. She studied painting at Saint-Luc (Liège, Belgium) and obtained her master in painting at l’ENSAV La Cambre (Brussels, Belgium) in 2020. She currently lives and works in Brussels.

Her questioning is about the relationship between the human and its part of animality. Painting, drawing and performance are fields of expression that allow her to weave a network where the living can metaphorically bloom. In this perspective, her body is the tool that allows her to embody or to offer an intensity to her thought. The gesture, the color, the forms and the materials that she uses allow her to question the modes of existence of the living, the relations which are woven between each being and the metamorphoses which can germinate there. Like the image of a wild thought which would rehabilitate an intense form of otherness, would be it metaphorically.