Nicolas Van Parys / Face Recognition


Collage, 20x15cm, 2019
By Nicolas Van Parys

Nicolas Van Parys (b. 1974) is a painter and collagist living and working in Belgium. His work is about transformation. Transformation of meaning and image through the process of cutting and reassembling, transformation of the support and change of scale when paper collage becomes painting. But the main transformation is that of time. The temporality of Van Parys' works is multiple, we are both in classical painting and in the contemporary telescoping of images of all kinds. Nostalgia for a lost Eden or futuristic dreams of hybridization? We have selected a series of works that summon nature and birds in particular. This nature transformed by man's hand testifies to its irremediable changes, but it is also the deep animality buried in humans that reappears in the cuttings that reveal as much as they reinvent.